technical characteristics

The only toolkit
you’ll ever need!

The most complete, secure, and versatile WordPress toolkits. Pauk Host will supply you with anything you need without unnecessary complications.


One-click installer to initialize and configure WordPress from start to finish. One dashboard to mass-manage multiple WordPress instances.

against attacks

Hardens your site by default, further enhanced with the Toolkit’s security scanner. No security expertise is necessary.

Stage and test

Test new features and ideas in a sandbox before pushing them to production – No plugins required, no separate server needed.

Run and

Singularly or mass-execute updates to the WP core, themes, or plugins. Monitor and run all your WordPress sites from one dashboard. For most installations, you will need only one click.

but not amateur

Get full control with WP-CLI, maintenance mode, debug management, search engine index management, and more.

Secure Shell (SSH) access

Providers who offer the ability to access WordPress via SSH go on the winning list. SSH does not need to be available by default. But if the customer wants it, the provider should make it easy to enable it.

Cut out

Stage, Clone, Sync, Update, Migrate and other complex tasks executed with one click. No more stressed-out dev teams, no more high-risk activities.

WordPress features,
from Pauk Host to developers

WordPress Toolkit makes a great impression even on advanced developers for its one-click “build – secure – run” features. That is a simple feature, that appeals to both amateurs and experts.

PHP management
and auto-updates

One of the reasons we opt for any service over another is the flexibility to change at all times. The same goes for hosting providers that offer the ability to change the version of PHP used for WordPress. Hosters need to find a way for WordPress core to update itself automatically, without having to take any actions. Providers who offer no assistance with updates or management around updates don’t make the cut.


Nobody likes bottlenecks – hence, providers who offer the ability to utilize WordPress WP-CLI as a built-in feature are excellent choices. Or simply if they allow the use of WP-CLI from local or remote hosting.