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When you find one or more domain addresses that you want to use, those will be the address of your future site as well as your emails. Before registering a domain, make sure that the name you choose is free to register in the domain search. Inside the field below, you can check the availability of domains.

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Before registering a domain name, first, decide the purpose of your website. We are mainly talking about two different approaches here.

If you have a company, then your website name should help you build or strengthen the brand of your own business. In these circumstances, we recommend that you include the company name in your domain name. Your future visitors will most likely look for your business name instead of a business niche.

If you are in the service business, our suggestion is to try to register a domain name that includes your business activity instead of a name. Internet users are more willing to type “web designer” as a search term rather than e.g. “Belgrade Art Studio Mix”. It’s up to you to decide.

When choosing your domain extensions, keep in mind that the most popular extension is .com and it has some “ranking power” compared to other extensions in search engines. For those who intend to enter the international market, registration of an international domain is certainly advisable. If you are doing business in the domestic market, then .rs or different national extension is the right solution for you.
If you were able to choose the domain you want (which is free), all you have to do is register your domain. To register a new domain, you need different information depending on your extensions. It is easiest to register an international domain. These domains have no restrictions and only require a credit card, which can be purchased online. Please note that some payment cards do not have an online payment service. We hope that you found this text useful. We wish you success with your new domain!